Limited Editions

Prints & Reproductions - Affordable Fine Art

  Cold Mountain in the Clouds

  • Original 20 x 30" Oil on canvas
  • In Private Collection
  • Available as 1/50 Signed Limited Edition
  • Archival canvas, stretched & ready to frame
  • Custom framing available

Golden Locusts
  • Original 20 x 30" in Private Collection
  • Available as 1/50 Signed Limited Edition
  • Archival canvas, stretched & ready to frame
  • Custom framing available

  Sycamore in Spring


  • Original 18 x 24"in Private Collection
  • Available as Signed, Limited Edition
  • Stretched, ready to frame
  • Custom framing available.

Reproductions?  Why?

Because I engage with the with the act of painting  to achieve rich texture and depth of color, each painting requires time and patience. Work may include several visits to the site, delays because of weather or changes of light,  sketches and then time at the easel.

Image Selection

I select only a few pieces to be reproduced. Working with a skilled photographer and print maker who captures the image with high resolution camera, I then supervise and closely compare the proofs to the original to insure they are color matched.  Only  then do I authorize reproduction of the image on archival canvas in the same dimensions as the original painting.

The Process
Each print is a subtle and unique, but accurate reproduction of my original, capturing the nuances in my brushwork and color. Essentially, these are high resolution digital reproductions made with an ink-jet printer using pigmented ink. The piece is then  sealed with a protective coating, much like varnishing a finished finished painting to further protect it from UV light. Then, it is stretched and treated as  a fine painting. I sign it again, but otherwise it is not enhanced or altered in any way.  We can then offer these at a much reduced price, compared to the cost of originals, with a high degree of quality control.

  • Each Limited Edition print custom printed
  • Individual prints are uniquely numbered
  •  We will only print 50 in the original size
  •  There are some on hand each,, but each one is made to order. We do not warehouse them
  • I provide a signed Certificate of Authenticity
Over time, limited edition prints are and affordable and collectible investment and I am proud to make them available for a wider audience.

Custom framing is available from our local framer or we can ship them to you unframed.

Wholesale  orders accepted for designers, decorators for commercial clients.  Note cards are also available exclusively through Long Branch Studios from select group of images from this group.

Studio News

Sycamore in Spring, #23 or 50, signed Limited Edition Archival Prints by John Mac Kah will be auctioned off in Penland School's Annual Benefit Auction.

Please view the auction catalog on line.

Lot 331: John Mac Kah. Retail value is $550.

Auction is Saturday afternoon, August 14, 2010.

Starting bid will be lower than market value, since this one at auction is custom framed.  Help support Penland School of Crafts here in Western North Carolina and buy a John Mac Kah print for your collection at an affordable price. It's a great

SOLD!!! To Benefit Penland Scholarship Fund!
John-Mac Kah,
Aug 22, 2016, 2:21 PM
John-Mac Kah,
Aug 22, 2016, 2:21 PM
John-Mac Kah,
Aug 22, 2016, 2:21 PM